Stainless steel repairs

With the power of hot light, our Laserstar laser welders are able to repair stainless steel watch case and bracelets. Often when watch bracelet links have separated, the manufacturers recommend you replace the whole bracelet.

Our team of highly trained technicians can weld the broken piece for a fraction of the price of a new bracelet. By adding stainless steel, worn lugs and end bars on watch cases can be built up (often without the expense of removing the movement or glass). Loose pins that persist in working their way out can be laser welded back into place.

Dents and scratches can also be filled with stainless steel of the same specification and bracelets can be refurbished to their original glory.

We are specialists in restoring quality branded watches like Rolex, Cartier and Breitling to name a few to their original condition drawing on our wealth of experience in the industry ensuring the quality of finish and repair are the same as they originally looked when they came out of the factory.

We are proud to show a few examples of our work and a brief description on the work that has been performed.